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Morning Prayer


Building Your Work on Prayer

A church member asked if I could post the morning prayer that I recite before I start work each day. I mentioned this prayer in my latest sermon from Nehemiah called, "Rebuild on Prayer." The purpose of praying before you begin your work is to establish the day upon the truth that you are a servant of God and are in desperate need of his grace to glorify him with every moment. The prayer was originally written by John Calvin, but I found it in Tim Keller's book called, Prayer. [1] Here is how the prayer goes...

My good God, Father, and Savior, grant me aid by your Holy Spirit to now work fruitfully in my vocation, which is from you, all in order to love you and the people around me rather than for my own gain and glory. Give me wisdom, judgment and prudence, and freedom from my besetting sins. Bring me under the rule of true humility. Let me accept with patience whatever amount of fruitfulness or difficulty in my work that you give me this day. And in all I do, help me to rest always in my Lord Jesus Christ and in his grace alone for my salvation and life. Hear me, merciful Father, by our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. 


[1] Keller, Tim. Prayer, page 265. 


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