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The Acts 29 Network exists to start churches that plant churches. God is significantly using the A29 network to influence and shape the church planting culture through both rock-solid theology and contextualizing the gospel. We will not waver on either of these commitments. We won’t water down our theology to reach more people and we won’t attack the culture in the name of Christianity. We are planting churches that are missionaries in their respective communities sent by Christ with the gospel (John 20:21).

Church at Bergen is a member of the Acts 29 Network. We support the network financially, and we are passionate about seeing more churches planted not only throughout the world but in the Garden State and greater northeast region. 

International Care Ministries

International Care Ministries has been serving the ultrapoor in the Philippines since 1992. In partnership with community leaders, pastors and churches from thousands of slum communities, ICM delivers programs that are gospel centered and have transformed the lives of more than 100,000 destitute people each year. Because of the relationship Pastor Mike has with ICM, having spent time with them and trained pastors serving in the Philippines through ICM, we feel confident the resources we provide to ICM will be used to not only bring physical relief, but spiritual relief. Church at Bergen sponsor's a Kindergarten as part of ICM's Jumpstart program.

Pastor Wilson

Pastor Wilson is a pastor/church planter/missionary in Haiti. God is doing a tremendous work in and through his ministry. He is actively involved in training church planters and pastors for local church ministry. Over the almost 30 years they’ve been in existence, they’ve sent pastors, deacons and teachers to very remote areas of the country (Lartigue, Jeremie, Mt. Moroso, Belle Mason) where they’ve planted 7 churches and established schools which they actively serve and resource. It is our joy to financially support their yearly, week-long Pastor’s Conference open to train and equip pastors and church planters they have sent and others who are local.