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New Here

New Here

New Here

Due to gathering restrictions from the spread of COVID-19, all Growth Groups are gathering virtually until further notice. 

You are more than welcome to jump into a virtual group today! Please click on one of the links below depending on the kind of Group you would prefer. If you need help connecting virtually to a Growth Group please email

The Four Lanes

Sermon: Sermon groups are for people who are looking for basic gospel-centered community and to connect with other believers. It is also a place where you can discuss and apply the weekly sermon.

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Study: Study groups will focus and go deeper on various theological subjects. Even simple truths are packed with theological meaning. This lane is designed for people who have a desire to dive deep into the study of the scriptures.

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Seeker: Seeker groups are a safe place to wrestle with questions and be empowered to evangelize. This lane is for people to ask questions, challenge, and learn how to engage the world with the gospel.

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Share: Share groups specifically focus on caring for those in a difficult seasons of life. This is a safe place to share struggles, receive accountability, and seek wisdom to learn how to walk through these times.

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For any help or questions about Growth Groups please email