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What are Growth Groups?

Growth Groups are a place where friends help friends follow Jesus. Growth Groups are small gospel-centered communities (10-20 people) for discipleship and spiritual growth by a trained volunteer. We believe discipleship happens in community not just on Sundays. Growth groups are a practical way for anyone to love and encourage others in their relationship with Jesus and grow themselves into the image of His Son. Growth Groups are taking a break from now until Sunday, March 3

This fall we are launching four “lanes” to diversify the different ways our church can experience discipleship. We hope this will help our body grow individually in the different seasons we are in. These lanes are: Sermon, Study, Seeker, and Share.

The Four Lanes

Sermon: Sermon groups are for people who are looking for basic gospel-centered community and to connect with other believers. It is also a place where you can discuss and apply the weekly sermon.

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Study: Study groups will focus and go deeper on various theological subjects. Even simple truths are packed with theological meaning. This lane is designed for people who have a desire to dive deep into the study of the scriptures.

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Seeker: Seeker groups are a safe place to wrestle with questions and be empowered to evangelize. This lane is for people to ask questions, challenge, and learn how to engage the world with the gospel.

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Share: Share groups are a for those in new or challenging seasons of life. This is a safe place to come and share struggles, study the bible, and seek wisdom to learn how to walk through these times.

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For any help or questions about Growth Groups please email