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Trust in the Lord


Early in my faith journey, I was surrounded by several fervent believers. We were so passionate about evangelism, spiritual gifts, and holiness. “Trusting in the Lord” was a common phrase we used in every day conversation. When we asked each other about the safari adventures of the job hunt or the intergalactic voyage of finding someone to date, the response was always, “I am trusting in the Lord.” Today, the phrase is still common amongst believers. It almost synonymous with asking God for something and waiting for him to respond. “Trusting in the Lord,” in this manner is cool and should be our posture when we have a need or desire.

Recently, I have been learning what “Trusting in the Lord” means as it relates to his trusting what he says in his word. Whatever God says in the Bible is true and we must believe it, as the author of Proverbs 3:5-8 says. This is difficult in some seasons of life, I’ll admit. However, it’s good to know and remind ourselves that God promises that we will be healthier if we lean into His word by believing it to be true and doing what it says.

Some ways that we can trust in the Lord by believing his word:

God made me (Genesis 2:26-27). Who I am, which includes my culture, origins, ethnicity, physical features, and much more were designed by God. Therefore, when expressed appropriately in regard to God and his holiness, I can embrace my dark brown skin, thick wavy hair, hip-hop/R&B/Gospel, soul food, my neighborhood, crazy remedies, and anything else that promotes or displays who I am. I don’t have to fight for acceptance because God made who I am and designed all the things that have shaped me.

God’s word says it’s better to give than receive (Acts 20:35). I spent countless hours looking different stream of income. Instead of spending time looking for another investment, I should be searching for another way to bless someone monetarily. I can trust God to know that that’s better even when I am tempted to think otherwise.

Overall, as I reflect on God’s word, I’ve learned that we should not neglect trusting God for something we need or want – like a job or spouse. We should also Trust his word for our worldview – like how we see ourselves or use money. Walking along side God through his world has my chin a little higher and anxieties much lower. Join me in “Trusting in the Lord” by leaning into what he says, believing it to be true, and doing it. For God’s way is better and much more secure.

Jerome and Analise Douglas



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