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Our Hope in Hard Seasons


When we, the saints, go through times of faithlessness what is our hope?  It's not ourselves, our merits, our good work, our jobs, our family, our wealth, our pride, our determination or our drive.

"If we are faithless, he remains faithful - for he cannot deny himself" (2 Timothy 2:13). These words, that Paul has said we can count as trustworthy, are our hope. Why?

Because they break down the world's view of this life: the constant lie that our life is a show and we are the main character. And they also make self-evident that the truth is the gospel, the good news, and our gospel is not ultimately about us, but it is for us.

So when we are faithless, our course of action is no longer to try and "fix it." The most active and fruitful course of action is to pray and to plead with Jesus. What are we supposed to pray and plead for? That the Lord would make his name hallowed (Matthew 6:9). That he would make his name revered, honored, praised, glorified.

How does that impact our faithlessness? It's in those last few words of 2 Timothy 2:13.  For he cannot deny himself. Christ has rescued and redeemed an unworthy people for his glory. He lovingly restores our souls when we're weary and leads us in paths of righteousness for his name's sake (Psalm 23: 3).

When we are faithless he is still faithful for the sake of his name. How is that a source of comfort for us? Because his motivation and desire are not based on us. It's in the constant unimpeded pursuit of making his name hallowed, honored, revered, cherished.  It's why we can trust that neither height, nor depth, nor anything in all of creation can separate us from Christ (Romans 8:38-39). There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can prevent his pursuits from being accomplished.

So rest, weary saint. His desire that made you a son or daughter will never be lost. The overflow of grace that saved your soul will never run dry. The promises will never be found untrue. The hope will never end in despair. The suffering endured will never be of unloving punishment but deep and glorious refinement. He was and is and always will be our faithful father. 

The season will always pass so continue to cry out and pray his name be hallowed.

Child of weakness, watch and pray, find in me thine all in all.

The Fundora's

(Chris and Kasia)


Beautiful blog Chris, just beautiful.
God Bless you and Kasia in all you do.
Love Bill

Amen!! Proud of you son! May God continue to bless you and guide you! Love you!

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