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Choose the Good Portion


“But Martha was distracted with much serving..” (Luke 10:40)

Martha, Martha, Martha.

It feels like Martha would fit in perfectly fine in a “Christian North Jersey” lifestyle. Anxious, troubled and for some, not choosing the good portion. This is a hard text I recently came across and it has exposed burnouts and thoughts like “If I don’t pour everything out in my service for Him and keep things afloat then who will?”.

Some of us are warriors when it comes to serving the Lord and the church. We are all one body and we are called to serve on another (1 Peter 4:10). At its best, blessings and encouragement has been my experiences as the Holy Spirit warmed my heart with gratitude in being with an awesome faith family. Our unity as a church is something that is so grand that angels are caught off guard! (Ephesians 3:8-10)

But sometimes, we are too caught up in our serving of Him and each other. We drift solely to our service and lose focus on choosing Him. Busyness in ministry and personal life does not always equal godliness. In fact, busyness can get us away from Him even if we are concerning ourselves with “good” things.

These 3 things have been helping me recently in choosing the good portion:

1. It is okay to say no.

This is hard for some of us. The fear of missing out has been a constant idol recently in my life because I want to be a part of so many memories in hanging with church members or serving in ministries. You know what I have been convicted of from this passage? If I don’t build a habit of saying no in a healthy way, I might be missing out on Him!

2. Stop thinking everything depends on you.

If you are not involved, then the ministry will crumble. How arrogant that mindset can be! Our God is a powerful, sovereign King who rules His church and kingdom with no sweat. He didn’t need Paul or Peter or John, they needed Him specifically through the Spirit. He uses us in the expansion of His fame, but we participate because it joyful for us and the effectiveness of his reign on earth is not hindered whether we participate in it. All authority is given to Jesus therefore He sends us. (Matthew 28:19-20)

3. Find some alone time with Jesus EVERYDAY.

Nothing is better for the service of the church and for His glory than for us to sit at His feet every day and listen to Him. Mary chose the good portion. She didn’t care about anything but Him. We need some time away from our spouses, kids and friends to be alone with Him. In that way, we can better serve and love them because we have the portion that cannot be taken away. Just savor being in the presence of the Triune God. If Jesus chose the good portion by breaking away from people to be alone with God, maybe we should too. (Mark 1:35) Let us not fix our eyes on doing things for Him but primarily on what He did for us.

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