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The Plan and Foreknowledge of God


What is the relationship between God's foreknowledge and his predetermined plan?...

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Pastoral Reflection 2020

Pastor Mike McKinney's reflection on 2020. ...

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Have you listened to the "Mars Hill" podcast?


"Bro, have you been listening to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill?" This seems to be the second most frequently asked question by Christians over the past couple of months. Even Matt Chandler from the Village Church stated in their livestream service on August 22, "I've been asked right around seven trillion times if I've listened to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill. And I can...

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Mother's Day Poem - "God is Enough"

mother day.PNG

Nine months she gladly bearsThe fruit of the womb withinWhispering her gospel prayersAs God's blessing forms thereinTo the expecting mom: God's grace is enoughSleepless nights she must endureGod alone keeps her saneChrist close by keeps her sureEven then, Jesus will reignTo the nursing mom: God's help is enoughNo time for herselfNeeds never seem to endBut Christ offers him...

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How to Take the Lord's Supper


A practical guide for getting the most out of the Lord's Supper. ...

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Morning Prayer


My morning prayer before beginning work. ...

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How to Listen to a Sermon


How to listen to a preacher ...

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Can I trust the Bible? - Part 3


What are social reasons to believe the Bible?...

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MLK Jr. and Creative Suffering

mlk jr

Reflecting on MLK Jr.'s "I have a dream..."...

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Can I trust the Bible? - Part 4


The power of the Bible to persuade. ...

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